Trucks & Trolleys

Reduce the risk of strains and injury from lifting or carrying.
Choose the right handling equipment.

Systems Design has a wide range of trucks and trolleys for all your materials handling needs:

Platform Trucks
Distribution Trucks
Heavy Duty Shelf Trucks
Warehouse Trucks
Box Trucks
Wire Mesh Trucks
Turntable Trucks
Container Trucks
Steel & Aluminium Trucks


Complimenting the Truck range are the workplace Trolleys, ideal for transporting all kinds of items in all types of places

Platform Trolleys
Plastic, Steel & Folding Types
Shelf Trolleys
Roll Cages & Containers
Container Trolleys
Parcel Trolleys
Box Trolleys
Office Trolleys
Order Picking Trolleys
Pallet & Container Dollies
Stainless Steel - Canteen Trolleys
Laundry Carts

Folding TrolleyFetra Shelf Trolley

All our Truck & Trolley products are approved quality models,
for industrial and commercial use.

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