Frostex Protection Products

Cold Line Impact Protection for the cold storage industry

Frostex Cold Line

At last a specific system for accident protection in low temperature environments
Safety Barriers and impact protection Bollards suitable for negative temperatures down to -30ºC

Frostex is our new range of dedicated protectors for cold storage companies.

Ground Level Guard Rails
RF70, RF100, RF120
Double Rail Protection Barriers
RF120 Double
Light and heavy Duty Bollards
ROD70, ROD120

Flexible protection for Cold store racking systems, door ways, freezer walls
and other areas that may be exposed to traffic impacts in cold storage facilities.

Smooth profiles and hygienic structure suitable for food industries, help prevent the accumulation of dirt and bacteria
Bold design and colour for added visibility and potential hazard awareness

ROD Impact Protection Bollard

ROD 70 a 266mm high version for light duty impacts

ROD 120 for heavier impacts available in three heights
433mm 560mm 800mm

ROD Cold Store Bollards


Guard Rails for low level protection
Double Rail Barrier for added height security

RF70 - light duty
110mm high

RF100 - heavy duty
135mm high

RF120 - heavy duty
140mm high

RF120 D a taller version
Double barrier for heavy load impacts
400mm high

Frostex Cold Line Barriers

The Cold Line Guard Rails and Barrier lengths available are
500,1000,1500,2000 and 3000mm long.

All floor fixings included