Rack End Protection Barriers

Reflex Tech Protection for Racking Systems

Mpm Rack End Protection Barriers

Warehouse Safety Barriers for the ends of pallet racking runs

Rack end protection to suit standard rack frame sizes in single rack or double deep racking formats

Modular techno polymer construction, un-complicated design, using minimal components, enables easy installation and the ability to produce customised lengths and continuous barrier runs

LM Series - Standard Rack End Protection Barrier

Our most popular racking protection barrier, sold as standard in 1100mm long versions for single deep rack ends
or 2400mm long for double sided rack frame ends

Suitable for heavy load impacts from forklifts

TÜV certified protection product

Impact tested to EN15512 required standard

500mm high REP Barrier

EN15512 compliant TÜV approved product

Twin Horizontal Barrier Rails

RAL1018 colour as standard

Floor fixings included free

LM warehouse barriers can be customised with the Clip 90 accessory kits
- a series of contrasting colour clip overs that enhance risk awareness and help identify rack lanes and storage zones

LM REP Barriers

Link LM/1 - Adjustable Rack End Barrier

Part of the Link series safety barrier range.The lower horizontal rail on the LM/1 can be positioned to your preferred height on installation.

Available in barrier lengths from 750mm to 4000mm L and to suit typical rack frame ends of 1100mm & 2400mm L

REP barrier perfect for heavy duty loads such as forklifts

500mm vertical height

Flexible rack end barriers with exceptional resilience against repeat impacts

New LM:Link Combo Barrier

Fence 90 - Light Duty Warehouse Protection Barrier

An economically priced barrier with a single horizontal rail to protect the ends of warehouse racking, industrial shelving and Longspan systems

Ideal suited for protection against lighter impacts such as those imparted by hand pallet trucks, warehouse trolleys and manually driven transporters

Same Reflex Technology polymers as used throughout the Mpm rack end barrier range

Fence 90 barriers are 400mm high and available in 300mm to 2400mm lengths

RAL1018 Yellow stand out finish - supplied complete with all necessary fixings and footplates for immediate installation