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The Flexible Protectors with Bouncebackability

M.p.m Protection Products - always the best

The Flexible solutions for a safe working practice

As the main distributor of M.p.m protection products to the United Kingdom we offer you the complete range of M.p.m protection profiles,
a modern portfolio of products essential to maintaining health and safety standards in the conscientious workplace.

Warehouse Rack Protection - Workplace Bollards - Guard Rails - Cold Storage Protection Products
Warehouse Safety Barriers & Gates - Industrial Workplace Barriers - Column Guards and Protectors
Loading Bay Protection - Doorway Guards - Kerb and Wall Protection - Corner Protectors

M.p.m systems offer
contemporary protection solutions for a wide range of industries:
Food Industries - Warehousing and Distribution Centres
Transport and Logistics - Industrial Production
Airports - Retail -
Automotive Sectors
Chemical and Textile Industries

High visibility and zero maintenance
100% recyclable materials
RoHS compliance
Class V-0 self extinguishing fire resistance
Easy to clean
Non -Toxic products
Scratchproof materials
No re-painting required
Resistance to salt and humidity
Resistant to chemicals oils and fuels
Rot proof durability
High UV resistance maintains colour and appearance
High strength and flexibility for repeated impact absorption
Specialist range of protective safety guards and barriers for negative temperature environments

Modern production facilities with a clean energy initiative and zero waste goal.
A Greener Europe and a Safer Europe.

Use the 4P rule: Proper Protection Prevents Problems
with STANDARD - LINK - PIN - B-FLEX product options

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Flexible innovations for a safer working environment; M.p.m. protection products, always your best choice.