Warehouse Safety Gates

Access Solutions for Safety Zones

Safety Gates

MPM Safety Gates are intended to be used in conjunction with the popular Pedestrian Safety Barriers featured on this site.
There are two main types: Serie 90 to compliment the Pedestrian 90 range of safety barriers
and Serie 150 barrier gates to match the Pedestrian 150 range, a range of safety barriers formed with larger components for
use in fork lift traffic areas and heavy duty applications.

Both safety gate formats have three options:
One way, swing gate and lift gate
in a range of width openings

Even if you require a warehouse safety gate as a stand alone gate and do not have our barrier system in place,
Door 90, Door 150 and the Lift Gate models can be effectively installed as stand alone safety gates if necessary.

Door Pedestrian 90
DP90 One way or swing opening versions 400mm up to max.1000mm wide
Swing double versions 800mm to 2000mm max.

Lift Gate 90
Single 1050 to 1600mm wide
Double min.width 2100mm up to 3200 maximum
A6.DOOR LIFT 90_02

Door Pedestrian 150
DP150 One way opening or swing versions 400mm up to max.1000mm wide
Swing double sided versions 800mm to 2000mm max.

Lift Gate 150
Single 1100 to 2000mm wide
Double min.width 2200mm up to 4000 maximum

Safe Way

Coming soon, a new innovation for Workplace Safety

The only way is the Safe Way, an effective fail safe to prevent accidental gate openings
in warehouse traffic zones.

A new and crucial accessory for pedestrian safety gates - available this Autumn

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Safe Way from Mpm