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Warehouse Safety Barriers
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Having invested money into your new warehouse building and pallet racking system, you probably want to protect your investments from the possibility of future damage?
Or perhaps you already have existing plant and machinery in your premises, and as all health and safety consious companies should do, you want to safeguard your personnel from any potential workplace hazards?
At Systems Design we have the right solution to your safety concerns throughout your warehouse and commercial buildings .

We supply and install the full range of Mpm safety barriers, column guards, bollards, pallet racking protectors and guard rails that save your staff, warehouse storage systems. transport and commercial property from potentially dangerous accidents and costly damages.
Our innovative, highly visual range of safety barriers and protection products from Mpm will help protect crucial personnel, warehouse equipment, and structures from expensive impact damage caused by fork lift trucks, pallet trucks and other warehouse traffic hazards.

Extra resilient, uniquely designed polymer rack protectors to protect the vulnerable areas on pallet racking systems, pallet racking corners, pedestrian areas, machine areas, loading bays, warehouse walls, doors, buildings, mezzanine columns and more.
The unique Reflex technology used in all Mpm safety guards, safety barriers and protection profiles offer superior impact resistance and increased flexibility in all areas of the workplace.

Mpm protection products are subject to continued research & development to keep up with any new developments in safety requirements and can be constructed to suit a wide range of health and safety initiatives, using either standard guard and barrier modules or designing customised barriers and safety products to suit your individual plans and demands.

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Mpm safety barriers and protection products from Systems Design.
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