Widespan Shelving Heavy Duty Shelving for bigger storage needs

Heavy Duty Wide-span Shelving

Schulte longspan - widespan - heavy duty shelving systems from Systems Design are the professional choice for
quality made storage products intended for long terms storage of bulky, heavier items than you may need to store on our Multiplus industrial shelving systems.

Longspan - Widespan- Heavy Duty Shelving Systems

Longspan or Wide-span is a heavy duty shelving system for storing non-palletised, manually handled bulky products and items.
A cost effective versatile storage shelving system perfect for storing larger sized, heavier items.
Widespan shelving, Longspan shelving, and Minipal shelving: storage systems for manually loaded goods, automotive products, archive file storage and more.
Our best selling Widespan shelving systems are available in bay widths of:1500mm, 2000mm, 2250mm and 2500mm
plus frame depths of 400,500,600and 800mm as standard.
Bay heights are commonly offered in 2.0m, 2.5m and 3.0m heights with other heights and sizes also available to meet the wide requirements of industrial storage shelving.
Widespan shelving is offered with a choice of adaptable shelf panels: chipboard for light duty storage or steel panels for ultimate strength, each shelf safely storing loads of 400kgs and more. Partition pipes and dividers further add to the versatile storage options that Schulte widespan shelving can offer.
All Schulte widespan shelving products are supplied with product guarantees of 3 years

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WS2000 Widespan Shelving - economical storage with wider-spans using the inter-changeable MultiPlus T-Profile frames

WS3000 Widespan Shelving - all-round widespan shelving for spans up to 2.5m wide and 500kg shelf loads, can be fitted with a range of useful accessories to further expand the versatile capability of WS3000 shelving.

W100 Longspan Shelving - for heavy duty shelf loads up to 1050kg and larger capacity frame loads

Longspan Shelving Options MULTIFUNKTIONSREGAL-3Felder copy
WS3000 Widespan - Shelf Accessories - Multi-Function Shelving

schulte shelving systems
WS2000 Widespan can be combined with MultiPlus Shelving thanks to to the shared frame system

Tyre Racking 1500mm W
WS2000 Widespan Shelving used for Tyre Storage Racks - with beams for specific use with tyre and wheel profiles

Longspan Shelving W100  copy
W100 Longspan Shelving for heavy duty loads of up to 1050kg

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