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Pallet Rack Guards

There's a whole new range of innovative Pallet Racking Protectors now at Systems Design.

The impressive range of ultra tough rack protection products and safety barriers from Mpm

Pallet Racking Guards
Pallet Rack Corner Guards
Rack End Barriers
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Warehouse Racking Barriers

Extra tough pallet rack guards with a close fit to save on bay space and reduce snagging when retrieving pallets.
Mpm pallet rack guards require no clips, bolts or straps and stay securely in place once fitted with the RP click tool.
Wipe clean, low-maintenance pallet racking protection with fire, water and scratch resistance ability.
The unique triple bumper design used on the Mpm pallet rack guard reforms after impact and provides
superior all round protection that guards all three sides of the pallet racking upright, or pallet rack leg and not just the front.
High Viz Yellow finish for raised safety awareness.
TÜV tested.
Recyclable polymer construction.
Economically Priced.
Simple to clean, maintenance free rack safety.
Pallet rack guards are easy to install, with no need for specialist fitters.

Pallet Rack Guards are manufactured using the unique Reflex materials from Mpm, the specially designed
warehouse safety products designed for maximum impact protection.

Mpm Rack Protectors are readily available from stocks, to suit most leading makes of pallet racking:
including Schulte Pallet Racking
plus Link 51- Dexion - Planned Storage - Hi Lo - Redirack - AR- Mecalux - Stow and many others.
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0844 247 1707 if you are unsure which protector is best for your pallet racking.
Available in 3 main 600mm high profiles, for a precise fit and superior racking protection to all brands and sizes of pallet racking.

Don't wait until it's too late, fit the RPM rack protectors to your warehouse pallet rack systems today
MPM protection profiles, safe guarding the 3P's: people, pallets and property

Mpm Rack Protectors

RPM upright protectors are also available as 400mm high pallet rack guards, if required.

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RPM600-Rack Guard

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warehouse, stores, factory, production plant, assembly line, logistics hub, cold store and distribution centre.

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Pallet Rack Corner Guards

Newly added to the outstanding range of Mpm protection products are the Mpm Rack Corner Guards.
Often the corners of most pallet racking runs are the most vulnerable sections and generally prone to damage from fork lift trucks and warehouse handling equipment.
These ultra-tough corner protectors are designed to be mounted near to the corner edge of your pallet racking system as added security to the RPM uptight protectors,
while providing even greater protection with reinforced Protex internal fittings and the superior Reflex impact resistance found in all other RPM rack guards from the mpm protection range.

Discreetly floor fixed.
Can be used to protect other vulnerable property area's.
High Impact Protection to the most exposed sections of pallet racking.
Minimal obstruction.
Effective design.
Scratch resistant.
One size fits all.

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MPM Rack Corners

Clean design and discreet floor fitting minimises obstruction to personnel and warehouse traffic

MPM Racking Barriers

Rack Corner is shown here fitted, along with the RPM rack leg protector and Warehouse Safety Barriers: part of the total protection range against damage from warehouse traffic.

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