Safety Barriers and Warehouse Protection Safety Barriers, Warehouse Barriers and Guard Rails

Safety Barriers
MPM premises, personnel and warehouse protection

The outstanding range of protection profiles from Mpm should be your first choicefor all your warehouse and property protection needs.
Thanks to the unique Reflex technology, and innovative designs used in Mpm safety guards and warehouse barriers, this extensive range of safety barriers offers exceptional impact resistance and protection from everyday workplace hazards.

Property and Personnel protection from Mpm includes
Safety Barriers for the warehouse
Safety Barriers for external locations
Safety Barriers to protect vulnerable building sections, such as glass fronted windows, remote power stations, and re-fridgeration areas,
Safety Barriers for car parking areas
Guard Rails and Hand Rails
Pedestrian Safety Barriers
Column Guards and Safety Bollards for buildings, mezzanine floors,
warehouse working areas, doorways, door frames and entrances
Truck Guide Rails for loading bays and docks
Removable Safety Barriers
Traffic Barriers
Pedestrian Safety Gates
Corner Protectors
Wall Bumpers
Choose Mpm Safety Barriers and Protection products:
protect people and stop costly damage in the workplace.

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MPM plastic protectors

Column guards and safety barriers for racking and warehouse protection.
Highly visible yellow colour scheme to aid awareness.
Customisable barriers.
The extra resilient Mpm plastic profile range also includes:
Pallet Rack Guards
Rack End Barriers
Safety Bollards
Guard Rails
Parking Posts and Vehicle Guide Rails
Fork Lift Protection Barriers
Column Guards
Kerbs and Wall Bumpers
Door and Corner Protectors
Guards and Barriers for External Buildings

Ultimate barrier safety from Mpm, available in the UK now from Systems Design.

Safeguard your personnel, buildings and warehouse systems.
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Mpm protection products using unique Reflex polymers for exceptional impact resistance and flexibility
Fully recyclable
Maintenance free, easy to clean and scratch resistant durability with no rust.
Mpm the modern safety guards and barriers with superior shock absorbing ability.

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The best Rack End Protection Barriers for bouncebackability!

best rack end barriers

Outstanding Rack End Barriers to protect the vulnerable
ends of pallet racking systems, available
as twin rail or single rail versions.

SM version: 400mm high and 1100mm one piece or 1500mm long modules
to protect racks against traffic with light loads and hand pallet trucks
or the
LM heavy duty barrier: 500mm high in one piece 1100mm long and 2400mm long barriers
or in 2000mm long modules to suit any run length.
LM barriers to guard against fork lift trucks and handling equipment with heavier loads

Outstanding protection for personnel, premises and property.

Highly visible, highly effective, highly recommended.

Lower costs, lower maintenance, lower risk of damage to structures, equipment and most importantly; people.

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