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If you need Lockers for the workplace, Lockers for school, Lockers for colleges, Lockers for hospitals, Lockers for the factories, Lockers for leisure premises, Lockers for military sites
and Lockers or anywhere else; we have many types of Locker combinations to suit most purposes.

Steel Lockers are among some of our most popular products,
Single door lockers, two door lockers, three door lockers, four door, six door lockers.
Locker nests of ones, twos & threes.
Lockers available in nests of ones, twos and threes.

Locker doors available with a choice of colours and compartment sizes.
The Lockers have special bio-cote coatings incorporated in the paint finish
to reduce contamination in sensitive environments,
such as at healthcare locations and food processing areas.

As well as our standard steel Lockers we also provide
Lockers for wet areas and Lockers with toughened laminated doors:
ideal Lockers for schools, colleges and any other areas where
durable, shatterproof lockers will be beneficial.

Steel Lockers

Cube Lockers
Post box, post room Lockers
Personal effects Lockers
Clear perspex door Lockers
Laundry Lockers
Police Lockers
Lockers for healthcare workers
PPE kit Lockers for the construction industry
Perforated door Lockers - where ventilation is required
Lockers for sports & changing rooms,
Laminated Door Lockers
Wooden Door Lockers
Mesh Lockers
Plastic Lockers
Heavy Duty Lockers

In Charge Lockers

Lockers are now available to store and charge the latest
IT Equipment, Smart Phones, Tablets, Radios and Tools.
Lockers for secure storage and
charging of your Laptop, iPad, Tablet, Smart-Phone and many other devices that
require extra on site security and re-charging facilities.

IT Lockers

UK manufactured, quality steel Locker products with value for money.
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